In 1973 mr. D. Werner Raudies founded the firm of the same name based in Hamburg. The firm was busy exclusively with graphic products for industry and handcraft.

In 1984 the firm changed its location to Heidenau (Lower Saxony). By digital printing, a new market segment, D. Werner Raudies marketing company mbh was created. Partners were Mr. D. Werner Raudies and his sons Sylvio and Mario Raudies. The newly created firm dealt exclusively with the distribution of printed materials such as stickers, and letters.

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In the period from 1992 to 1996 a nationwide distribution network was developed under the direction of Mr Sylvio Raudies with over 15 free assistants and traders. Due to ever-increasing sales difficulties as a pure sales company, in 1993 the executive board decided to invest in their own production, a logical conclusion, since the dealer network has a relatively large customer potential.

In 1996, the shareholders D. Werner Raudies and Sylvio Raudies were separated from the company and Mr. Raudies took over 100% of the company and he appointed at the same time Mr. Peer Haacker as the managing director. In the following years, Mr. Raudies and Mr. Haacker expanded production. As time passed, it was necessary to create more space.

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In 2000 Mr. Haacker became an equal shareholder in the company. A new administration and production line was built in the same year.

In the subsequent years Mr. Raudies together with Mr. Haacker expanded the production which growed on and on. More space for production was necessary.

Customers include industrial customers, advertising agencies, handicraft businesses, service providers and logistics companies, which are managed by the managing directors.

In 2008, regretfully, Mr. haacker passed away and Mr. Raudies had to take 100% of the company’s shares.

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In 2010 Werner Raudies Gmbh became Werner Raudies Gmbh & Co. KG.

In 2013, after more than 40 years, we have adapted and given a fresh touch to our corporate identity.

In 2017 Mr. Wilhöft joins the company as an equal partner.

The goal is to be seen on the market by a strong presence and to respond to the requirements of the customers, to expand the production continuously as far as possible, to modernize and prepare the employees through training sessions on new tasks.

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Full-service is very important for today’s sale time segment; this is what the company offers more and more. The customer wants to have a single contact-person from planning to the production. To be able to meet these requirements, the company has evolved its area of service.

Finally, you can say that the company has developed from a pure sales company to a classic of modern commerial printer, a tradition which will continue well into the future.

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