Generic term for flexible / soft advertising "signs". It can include a wide range of textiles (for example flag fabric, soft PVC, canvas, polyester, etc.)
Number of identical copies on a single sheet or a template.
The letters stand for the colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key or Black (both interpretations of the letter K are used). CMY are the primary colors of subtractive color mixing. CMYK is the process colors of multi-color printing. Black serves to increase contrast. CMYK is in the professional printing of the predominant color model.
In digital printing, the data of the printed materials are printed directly from a digital data set on the substrate. Total, conventional intermediate steps such as film and platemaking use this technique.
Operation, in which the material (cardboard or cardboard) by excavating a material chip is supplied by a linear bending point. It serves to prevent cracking or rupture of the material when tilted. Application for: folding cartons.
In our case, it means the mass production of stickers and labels in high and recurring number for the industry.
The visualized implementation of a designed idea into digital (Screen or web design) or tactile form (print media) is called layout in a broader sense.
Indirect lithographic method in which the in-plane printing and non-printing areas of the printing plate have different surface properties. The ink-accepting (oleophilic), printing areas repel water (hydrophobic) and the ink-repellent (oleophobic), non-printing areas take water (hydrophilic). In order to preserve the print form of the plate cylinder, the ink application does not take place directly on the substrate, but indirectly via an intermediate carrier, the rubber cylinder. Application of sheet offset works for small and medium size projects: Books, packaging, commercial printing. Application of web offset for high and very high volume: catalogs, newspapers, newspaper supplements.
A cross resembling a characters is a tool to register adjustment or to illustrate the registration accuracy. In multicolor printing, the sheet it will be printed in all color separations in the same place outside the trimming of an arc, so you can see the printing processes after, as if the excerpts were printed in registered form with each other.
Name for the exact superimposed printing of each color separation in the multi-color printing. Inexact registration may lead to color distortion and a blurry print image.
It is developed from the software company Adobe file format and the development of PostScript. Its operating system is independent, allowing interactive elements such as form fields, comments, bookmarks and references. Since fonts and graphics are described by means of vectors, and it is only dependent on the output device, scalability is possible.
Operation, in which the composite fiber of the paper is enervated by holes or slots punched in order to separate a part of the bow easier and without aids. Example, postage stamp, coupons, writing pad.
Portmanteau of the English words "picture" and "element", which refers to the smallest unit of a raster graphics, digitally mapped.
Digital graphics which is made up of individual pixels arranged in grid form and characterized by a specific resolution. Each pixel in this case assumes a color value, so that raster graphics are particularly suitable for more complex graphics such as photos. Since each pixel has a digital color information, raster graphics are very memory intensive, so graphic formats for raster images (such as BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF) apply lossless or lossy image compression. The degree of compression as well as the optical quality loss of the graph depends on the compression method used.
Portable Network Graphics - Graphic format for storing raster graphics which was developed as a replacement for the GIF format.
The PNG format graphics with up to 256 colors can be compressed without loss.
From the software company Adobe page, the description language had been developed; its printed pages can approximate device-independent pose in any size and resolution loss on output devices. Graphics and text are described by means of this scalable vector graphics, so your final size and resolution is determined only on the output device.
Printing is also referred to as on-press proof. With proof the printed label can be assessed better. The pre-press is controlled with the sound and color values to tune with the original. The customer can then release it. The printer will use it to confirm the result.
Abbreviation for the red, green and blue colors in additive RGB color space.
The colors on monitors and on TV are represented in the RGB color space. The colors that you see on the monitor may not necessarily correspond with the colors coming out on the printer in the finished product. Exception: The monitor is calibrated to the printing colors.
Printing process, where the material to be printed is fed as individual sheets.
Areas of printed material, which extend beyond the page size, also called bleed-off. The trimming allows a clean cut on all sides of the end product. In principle the normal trimming printed matter is at least 3 to 5 millimeters.